Where is the Republicans Outrage about their candidates?

Liberals tend to paint a picture of The Republican as a white man with quietly or not so quietly held racist views, desperately and obliviously holding on to his white privilege like it’s a childhood blankie.

But the reality is surely otherwise.  We all know at least one perfectly reasonable Republican who is not a racist.  I know quite a few and I tend to believe there are a whole lot of them.

My biggest issue with them is that they are NOT screaming in outrage at what GOP candidates are saying and doing in the name of their party.

Why isn’t Donald Trump being kicked out the GOP for being a flagrantly misogynistic racist candidate?

Why isn’t anyone even demanding that?

If they don’t want their party to devolve into hellish caricatures of candidates, they need to defend it from the cretins who would make it that way.

Saying they will vote Trump out on the primary isn’t good enough.  The tacit endorsement of the Republican Party is all over him.  He represents their party.

I’m unaware that there is an effort on the part of everyday GOP voters to stop the disintegration of their party into a place where scared white racists go to bathe their fears.

Where is the GOP outrage?

6 thoughts on “Where is the Republicans Outrage about their candidates?

  1. The same can be said of the Democrats. This lack of outrage has been going on for decades. Democrat Robert Byrd, was also a member of the kkk, but kept on getting reelected. Recently, Hillary, whose activity cost Petraeus jail time, is the presumptive presidential candidate. She’s been in scandals going all the way back to her insider trading dsys. Both sides have seriously flawed candidates. We’ve just been programmed to expect less than stellar characteristics from our elected officials. It’s really sad.

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  2. Back in the spring of 2010, a Republican advisor made this prescient comment. It was profound and I remembered it as a result. He noted the 2010 mid-term victories they were sure to have that fall will mask the underlying problems in the party. I left the GOP in 2006 as I did not like where it was headed and it no longer matched up with my socially progressive and fiscally conservative beliefs and it concerned me with their stance against climate change. Right now, the GOP leadership is like Dr. Frankenstein lamenting over his creation that is embodied in their front runners.

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  3. This is no longer Dwight Eisenhower’s Republican Party. it’s been hijacked by the far right IMHO. but in all fairness, the Democrats have less than stellar candidates as well. that party is being hijacked by the far left. there are no moderates left to be found in either party that want to reach out to the other side of the aisle and work thru problems. any moderates that are left have either been shouted down or driven into silence as far as I’m concerned.

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  4. I think it comes down to math and prayers – not morals and policy. If the GOP kicks Trump out and he runs as a 3rd party candidate, Clinton wins in a landslide and Congress – or at least the Senate turns blue again. Let Trump lose “fairly” in the primaries and maybe he will go away more quietly. The fun will really start if he actually wins the nomination. I think the outrage will come then, but it will be too late.

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  5. The problem with the GOP is they are an opposition party with no ideas on how to really govern nationally. They were elected by people who think they should be better off than they are and they are doing better than the vast majority of the world. They have become mean and have a lousy sense of what freedom for all really means.

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