Chaos and Kittens

Today my favorite podcast, Hello Internet, released another episode.

They don’t keep a schedule so every episode ends up feeling like a gift instead of an expectation.  I’m quite sure they do it that way because they are busy but the secondary effect is surprise GIFT!

I love unintended secondary effects that are sweet.  It’s a reminder that sometimes the universe does have a way of just settling down into a positive place.

It’s not always chaos and death.  Sometimes it’s chaos and kittens.

Mission Impossible 80bagillion

Here’s what I have to say about it.

This franchise knows how to put on a decent action movie.

They aren’t cutting any new ground, but they know how the formula works and they work it well.

Which begs the question – why is it so hard for Hollywood to create a mindlessly entertaining  movie?   So many suck ass movies have tried to do the formula and yet failed to pull off the formula.

Its apparently not as easy as it would appear.