Who am I?

Well- I’m a roundish looking middle aged white woman without children or spouse but with a cat.

Yup.  I’m the quintessential cat lady.  Its so trite.  So I guess I’ll fight the Eleanor Rigby with cat bio and say….

I love animals and kindness.

I don’t believe in God but don’t have any interest in telling you not to.

I am fascinated by how things work.  I am as interested in taking a tour of a factory as I am in how the cosmos work.

I adore watching youtube video about math, but really – I’m not very good at it myself.

I love to write.

I struggle against barely functional depression and anxiety of varying degrees.   I write about my struggle quite a bit.

I love art.  I even enjoy creating it.  My depression has thwarted much of that impulse though.

I feel strongly about peace through justice.  I think we should recognize all humans as valuable, treat all humans as having a right to live an independent sustainable life with choice.  In other words – I’m liberal.

…Still a cat lady though.

7 thoughts on “About

    1. No. I ignored it. Its a very common phrase in the US. Its not a trademark. Nor am I using it in any context that is associated with a book. Nor can I find a book with that name.

      And idiot boy used an apostrophe in the word ‘its’ to send the comment – suggesting he didn’t actually write a book with that title. If he had written such a book, one would presume he would know when to use the apostrophe and when not to.

      So I ignored him. I considered deleting the comment, but unless its hate or spam or porn I wouldn’t normally delete a comment. But as I’m writing this now – I’m thinking maybe I should. Its was a deliberate attempt to troll me. I chose not to feed him but maybe I should just smoosh it out of existence.

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      1. Haha perhaps. There is an apostrophe in the word it’s if you’re meaning it like it is. But there isn’t one of it’s for possession. I suppose if you haven’t heard from any lawyers then you’re safe lol People truly need to get a life.


      2. Holy Grammar!!!!! I’ve been using it the opposite way and I’m criticizing him for using it wrong. Now I’m not taking down his stupid request just because he used it right and I’ve been using it wrong. It will be a lesson to me and my assumptions. LOL. I hate grammar.

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