What Politically Correct IS NOT

It is NOT an idea that Liberals disagree with.

It is NOT Orwellian mind control.

Is it NOT an attempt to change people’s internal prejudice.

It is an attempt to treat human beings with respect.  To use WORDS  that do not demean them.

That is all it is.  The only ones trying to project enormous earth shattering ideas on it are the people who want to have the ability to continue to be openly rude and prejudiced without repercussion.  And the people who don’t like people to disagree with their ideas.

Well if you want to be rude – go for it.

Politically Correct is just a social construct.  It’s not jail.  It’s just social pressure.

If you feel your right to treat humans with no respect is so important, go right ahead.  You aren’t going to get arrested.  You will, however, be treated to all the sort of social shaming that makes people uncomfortable.  The sort of discomfort that the people you are disrespecting feel when you blather away in your politically incorrect way.

If you want to discuss a social problem and you think that you are being stopped because you will be considered politically incorrect, PUT ON YOUR BIG BOY PANTIES.

Controversial problems mean that people will disagree with you.  That is the nature of hammering out those issues.

Because people disagree with you, doesn’t mean you cannot discuss an issue.

Because people disagree doesn’t mean that the issue itself is politically incorrect.

Because people don’t like your ideas doesn’t mean your ideas are politically incorrect.  

People disagree.  That is how we live.

Pretending that you are being shut down from expressing your ideas because people disagree, and therefore it’s politically incorrect, is just you whining because you don’t like it when people don’t think like you do and then tell you that.

You ideas are not politically incorrect just because people don’t like them.  The way you express them, ie treating people with disrespect, may be politically incorrect.  But if you can act like an adult when you discuss your ideas, then you are probably not being politically incorrect, no matter how much a liberal may disagree with your position.

Politically Correct = Respect.