Eyedrops in my eye taste BAD.

What the ever living fuck is up with that?

I put them in and a minute later – TERRIBLE taste in my mouth.  From the eye drops.

I immediately googled it. Because it was obvious to me that I have a Big Cancerous Hole in my eye that leads to my mouth… Its possible that anatomy isn’t my strong point – but the point is – HOLES. Probably Cancer.

Except No.  Turns out its normal. There’s a hole but it supposed to be there.


What is wrong with the Internet?!  Why isn’t there some meme or a viral life hack thing or SOMETHING that would have educated me on the weirdness of eyedrops having a taste!  This should have been done.

I’m just so disappointed in the internet right now.

LIFE HACK:  Press on the inner corner of your eye against your nose to prevent the eye drop from dripping down into your throat and mouth.  I recommend this HIGHLY if you are using prednisone drops.  They taste really bad.

5 thoughts on “Eyedrops in my eye taste BAD.

  1. I remember when I was a pretty new nurse and I would give patients IV antibiotics and they would tell me they could taste it in the back of their throats. The first couple of times I heard this I thought the patients were imagining things, but then to hear it later from SO MANY patients there had to be truth to it.

    About a year later I had my own infection (yay!) and got IV antibiotics. Well, guess what?! I could taste exactly what they had described in the back of my throat! The best explanation I have heard about this is that the cardiovascular system works very quickly as the IV antibiotic gets into your blood stream and the nasopharyngeal is a highly vascular area with the sense of smell playing a huge component in the sense of taste — thus being able to taste the antibiotic as it’s circulated in the bloodstream.

    I would say your experience is similar but with actually a much more direct route of the eye, lacrimal area having a route to the nasal area, then the pharynx.

    Thanks so much for the tip on the eye drop LIFE HACK tip! I’ve been a nurse for 20 years and didn’t know that about not tasting eye drops … but I’ve also not had problems tasting yucky eye drops or ever heard a patient complain of such.

    Thanks so much again for writing this post! Interesting! 🙂

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