When Language Becomes Reality

Donald Trump wants the electorate to focus on the imagined evils of immigration instead of the clear problem of the growing gap between the uber wealthy like himself and the rest of  us.    He is using supremacist language to distract from Wealth/Poverty gap.

He flings insults at Muslims and discussed deporting them and how he would increase his war on terror.  He wants to build a wall to block out Mexicans and presumably every Latin American Immigrant.  He calls Mexican’s rapists and criminals.  He disparages the Black Lives Matter campaign.  All of these things are coded white supremacy language.

Hitler used similar tactics.  He came to power during the depression, when there was a huge disparity between those with money and those without.  Class distinction was the big issue then.   One of Hitler’s strategies to gain power was “removing the language of class warfare and replacing it with bonds of shared racial society which crossed classes“.

Trump is not qualified to fix the complex problems facing this nation.  But he is good at distraction.  And if he became President, its hard to imagine him being able to accomplish much legislation, he has antagonized so many of his own party and he certainly isn’t going to get help from Democrats.  So he will have to turn to more extreme distractions.  It’s desperately important to remember how Hitler escalated his own language of racial supremacy.

This isn’t a reality show.  It’s real.




7 thoughts on “When Language Becomes Reality

  1. The only thing to his credit is he tapped underlying fears. Unfortunately, he exploited them for his benefit speaking in bumper sticker solutions to heightened problems.

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  2. A Trump presidency would be fascinating to watch. From a distance. Say, maybe if we lived on Mars. But still fascinating. The entire congress would be fighting him every step of the way, not just a single party.

    I find myself wondering how long it would be before the impeachment hearings would start if he got elected as well.

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      1. I believe a Trump presidency would end in impeachment after he did some unconstitutional illegal. He has ticked off just about everyone in leadership, saying how stupid they are and smart he is, and with his inane and insensitive comments. He would not have many allies and even when he has had them in history, he has run them away. How he has treated Chris Christie is a good example.

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