I would like it if we had 2-4 viable political parties in our country.

I would like it if they all agreed on the basic decencies.  That all humans are worthy of dignity, inclusion, health and consideration.

And once we all recognize that, we could have 2-4 viewpoints on how to run this country, how to manage our relationships with other countries, how plan for the future.

Instead, we are all fighting about the stuff I wish everyone could just accept as basic human decency.  And the net result is that the stuff about how to run this country, how to fund this country, how to make sure this country has a viable economy in the future, etc is being neglected.

No one talks much about how to fix the deficit.

Not much discussion on how to invest in and maintain our infrastructure.

Climate change is discussed in passing.

I want the politicians to work on problems that are slowly disintegrating the foundations of our lives but they won’t do that because they are slow invisible problems.  Instead we fight over what seems to me to be basic human decency.

3 thoughts on “Imagine…

  1. Our last prime minister (Australia) didn’t believe in climate change. And they have made laws so its illegal to report on refugees and government treatment of them. The world is insane. I think people are improving but politicians (& the media) are getting worse.

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