99% of Millionaires Vote

Yup.  In 2010, only 47% of eligible US citizens voted BUT 99% of Millionaires stepped up.  Apparently it’s not just money that controls the election. It’s the votes.

Don’t let their block of votes run the lives of the rest of us.

Republicans have consistently been creating voter laws that have blocked people of color and people without easy access to basic services from voting.

They are doing that because voting matters. Having a bunch of POC people vote scares them. THEY WILL LOSE if People of Color all vote. Because they aren’t going to vote Republican.

They will lose if all people under 30 vote.  Because the younger people are drowning in the debt and despair of a shrinking share of the economy.

They will lose.

Do you know why people who struggle need to vote? Because the people who don’t struggle are going to vote. And most of them aren’t going to vote like the people who struggle.

The Republicans know that. They also know there are more than enough people to vote them out, if all of those people voted.

It clearly matters. They vote and they want to stop people from doing it. They want to stop the people  who want to make things better for everyone , instead of just better for a tiny percentage of the population.


You are right. It’s not going to change tomorrow. But it will change. With the right people in the right places. It will change.

It is changing. Things don’t look good from the ground. But from the distance, the arc of history is starting to turn in favor of the people who struggle. The people who made it change.

It’s teetering on the edge. They are afraid.  And like all animals who are afraid, they are getting nasty.  So it needs your attention. It needs your voice. It needs your vote.

If you haven’t registered, if you don’t know where or who or how – go here, find your state and easy as that you can find out.

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