Lipstick and Decisions

I’m baffled by people who wear a different color lipstick everyday.  They have half a dozen or a dozen choices sitting in their make up bin.  And every morning they decide to wear a particular color.  A different color.

It’s mind boggling.  I find a color that looks good on me and I wear it until the color is discontinued and then I spend an inordinate amount of time and energy trying to find the replacement.

But these folks DECIDE in the morning what color lipstick to wear.  Who can do that – make such a momentous decision when still grappling with morning fog? Its insane.

A lipstick color that is wrong can just suck all the self worth out of your day.  Seriously.  You walk into the bathroom at work and it screams at you about clowns and slut shaming and wall flowers and being ugly.  It’s a terrible thing having the wrong lipstick on.

It’s a risk.  Lipstick.  And people deliberately take this pointless risk every morning by not having a good safe choice that requires no thought. Instead they poke sticks at badgers by choosing, in the midst of a dense morning fog, a color that could define their entire day.

People.  DON’T DO THIS.  Take Aunt Sara’s advice.  Find a color – wear it every day.  Don’t tempt fate on a day when every fucking thing in the world will go wrong.  Because can you honestly grapple with computer failures and stupid clients and angry bosses when you have worn the WRONG lipstick?  Can you?

Exactly.  So don’t.  Find a nice safe choice and wear it.  Insurance Lipstick.

16 thoughts on “Lipstick and Decisions

  1. I have one tube upstairs and one tube downstairs. The colors are very close and I wear it with everything. I don’t like my lips to be something you can see from a block away.


  2. Well, here’s where we have to disagree. 🙂 I have four lipsticks but admittedly they are all in the same color family so I’m not straying too outside of my comfort zone…except for the bright red. I’ll only wear that shade if I’m feeling extra awesome. Most of the time though, I don’t wear any lipstick.

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  3. This made me smile as I am guilty of this…sort of. I have three different shades that all work ok on me. I have two to chose from on most work days so not as mind boggling…the red is saved mostly for nights out or really bad hair days. On epic hair days,good ol’ vaseline does the trick.

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  4. I hardly ever remember to wear lipstick even though I know I look 1000X better with it on. I usually have two colors, one that works with reds, oranges, etc. and one that works with the rest of my clothes. And if I’m going formal, which for me always means wearing black, I sometimes like a really bright red lipstick. But that’s about it, three tubes at most.

    What I can’t fathom are the women who change their whole purse every day! Red shoes, red purse, green shoes, green purse. WTF? Who has time and energy for all that?

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  5. OMG, so I’m not the only one! I get 2 lipsticks from the grocery story, both from the same brand. One is awesome and I wear it till I have to replace it. The other usually goes wrong b/c it’s iridescent and dries my lips to the point they are flaking more than a croissant.

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