Today I was reading Cecelia’s daily update on her farm life and I favorited it, as I always do because she is one of my favorites.  And I thought “How odd that I’m always in the first spot on her list of favorite stars.

And them my very slow morning brain recognized why and I smiled.  At my own stupid brain failure.


On Monday, my co-workers were full of stories of their April Fools day.  I had forgotten they love it and I AM glad I took the day off.  But I did smile at one of the stories and at their joy in retelling it.  One of them took a large paperclip and put it on the copier and then copied it 10 times.  She then took those blank sheets with a paperclip image at one side and put them back in the paper stack of the copier/printer.  So when people innocently printed something from their computer it showed this paperclip.  I liked how clever it was.  They spent 10 minutes poking around that copier while she watched.  She finally told them.  It sparked a prank war I’m glad I missed but I did think her prank was clever and I smiled at her joy in telling it.  So, I guess I’m going to have to back down at least partially on my April Fools opinion post of last week.


My smiles this week are representative of my brain being open to enjoying the small moments.  To being able to smile at my own cognitive failure moment and being able to enjoy the story told by my friends who were all so full of fun and cheer over their pranks.  There are many days when I can do neither, so I’m pleased by the smiles in the small moments.


4 thoughts on “Smiling

  1. Enjoying the little moments is important in life because most of life is just those little moments, even if it is cognitive failures and appreciating things we normally think we don’t like.

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  2. The only April Fools joke I had to deal with was my second oldest son texting me to call him because he’d lost his phone. I’d been on hold with DFS for half an hour and hung up to call him, just as I hung up I realized “how did he text me if he couldn’t find his phone?” When he answered his phone he told me “April Fools Mom.”

    Ergh! Another hour and a half spent on hold! But at least I was smiling that time!

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