The continuing theme from Syrian refugees is education for their children.  It is a refrain from the children as well.  12 year old children who ask only to go to school.  These children are losing the crucial years for education.

They came from a country that with an infrastructure for educating all children and now they will likely get barely enough to subsist.

There is so much tragedy in this crisis.  The dehumanizing of people is huge – but the long term economic poverty that is going to be thrust upon this generation of Syrians is tragic.  They will not be saved when they move out of the refugee camps.  They will be then have to face the handicap of a lack of education in a world that has zoomed along technologically without them.  They will not own the skills necessary to live in the modern world as adults.

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  1. This is the crime when a nation of immigrants tells the world, the US can’t take them because of the threat of terrorism. If they were European, the navy would transport them here!


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