How very irrational I am.

This morning I stopped at traffic light and saw a series of Trump lawn signs.  After I got over my overwhelming urge to thwart the free election process and pull the signs, I realized I was partly offended by their existence because they surprised me.

They surprised me???

I’m seeing Trump everywhere online, why was surprised?  Because my brain separates my real world from my online world.  And so when I saw Trump signs in my real world it was REAL.  It was more offensive because it is Real World.

I think that some part of my brain equates my online world with fantasy.  Online is all just happening in my head, I can’t touch you guys, I can only read you and that means all of my interactions are just thoughts inside my head.   Its ultimately not that different than my daydreams.  Just stuff that happens in my brain.

The only tangible thing that makes my online experience different than my daydreams is this computer.  But the computer’s physical existence is apparently a very transparent veneer – because I was surprised to see Trump signs.

And I’m irrational.

5 thoughts on “How very irrational I am.

  1. I don’t find you irrational at all. Trump’s whole candidacy is a reality show in my opinion, and thinking people should be able to distinguish those from real reality. Believing this man could be President and declaring that belief with a sign on your real lawn is display of irrationality.

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