Dildos – apparently they are historic

In Nantucket, they found a dildo in a chimney. It seems probable that it belonged to the wife of a sailor, circa 18th century. It was used because her husband was at sea for so long.

So much for the New England puritanical morality.

I’m going to step out on a limb and wonder if that dildo didn’t get some action when husband was at home too.

Indeed, I’m going to wonder how many spinsters figured out how to get a hold of one for their own sexual gratification.

There are dildos from the Upper Paleolithic era.  The ruins of Pompeii were littered with them.  Its not a new thing. And yet we still don’t talk about them much. We are far more willing to talk about men’s masturbation then women’s.

I’m wondering if they talked about them in the upper paleolithic era? Was there a time when there was no shame associated with it? When did it become a shame thing? I suppose when sex itself became shameful.

3 thoughts on “Dildos – apparently they are historic

  1. I think it’s just bizarre. At least let’s get some shows on the Discovery Channel to talk about these findings. I didn’t realize they went that far back but it makes sense. Oh modern culture and you weird double standards!

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  2. I love your first paragraph. It seems to be the lead to a novel. I wonder if the sailor encouraged its use rather than a local man not at sea. You are right about the double standard.

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