I love the end of the year “People are Awesome” video compilations

Its a compilation of amazing and often stupid things people have been filmed doing.

Extreme feats generally – like jumping off buildings, acrobatic impossibilities, rolling a car, etc.

Almost all of the things are deliberately done and done with skill.  Which is why I like them.

I think about what someone from 1816 would think while watching these videos.  Were there people who could do such amazing things then?  Or are these strange extremes a sign of how much leisure time we have today?  Or in many cases, how much spendable money we have.

I don’t really have a desire to do most of the things in these videos.  But I do have a desire to have that level of commitment to achievement.  The energy and motivation to push myself to the limit of my ability.  I have never had that.  Mostly because I have no idea where to find the energy/motivation.

But its inspiring to know it’s possible.

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