Clean Sheets and Clean Nightgown = Bliss

I just washed my sheets and put put on a clean nightgown and now I’m sitting in bed feeling all kinds of lovely.

Its these tiny familiar moments – little things that can be savored that make life worthwhile.

There are quite a few of these moments in life, but we tend not to savor them. To take a moment and just luxuriate in their comfort.

I would argue that these moments are very best moments in our life.

The very safe warmth of being cuddled by someone you love.

The feeling of being gifted something precious that is created when a cat curls up and purrs next to you.

The feeling of unbroken love that emanates from a toddler who hugs you.

The feeling of home and nostalgia that comes from a familiar kitchen smell.

The feeling of love from seeing something created for you by your grandmother.

They are everywhere.  Look for them.  These tiny moments that make you aware of life being rather fine after all.

You can usually find or create at least one per week if not a solid half dozen.

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