Sunday is the day of timers

Saturday was good for me.  It was sunny.  I felt good and I got things done.  Compared to other people, it was not a lot, but for me it was like winning a battle with a monster.

Today we will continue the movement of Saturday.  With the help of timers.  I set timers for 45 minutes or an hour and when it goes off, I do one task on my list.  They are small tasks but when you do that all day you get A LOT done.

I know its kind of weird, but it works.  Sometimes.  Anyway, its working this weekend.  So.

The battle is on. I got this.lara-crof-tomb-raider

3 thoughts on “Sunday is the day of timers

    1. But that is the beauty of the timer. I read the posts, the timer goes off, I do 5 minutes of something, I go back to reading the posts with NO guilt. An hour later time goes off – and another 5 minutes.

      Of course I live alone in a smallish apartment, so it doesn’t take as much effort to make things much better.

      But the timer doesn’t work if I’m too deep in the abyss. I can set it but it just doesn’t matter. There is no movement when I’m that depressed.

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