Being called a cunt…Is it really a bad thing?

Let’s think about this. Why do we get upset when called a cunt?

Basically being a cunt means:

  • Men (and a good number of women) will do just about anything to get some time with me, despite the fact that I’m not all that attractive. In other words, they love me for what I am, not what I look like.
  • When people touch me, I feel AWESOME!!.
  • When I touch other people, they feel awesome!
  • Making other people happy makes me feel explosively happy.
  • I am flexible and expandable.
  • I am a conduit to life.

I can’t find one demeaning thing in being called a cunt (or vagina)

Find a new insult.  This one lacks a lot of the sting that is intended.

5 thoughts on “Being called a cunt…Is it really a bad thing?

  1. You reminded me of an comedy routine by George Carlin where F-U should become a compliment. As he notes, we all like to do it, so we should wish each other well with a suggestion of more of it. Hey, John , F-U. Thanks Joe, F-U.

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