Good Advice

Do you want to avoid pregnancy? Tie some goat innards or weasel testicles around your neck.

This is advice from the past.  Actual published advice according to Elizabeth P Archibald.  

Now, I know what you are thinking. “How ridiculous.  How ignorant.”  But you obviously have not thought it through.

How often do you suppose a woman with the fresh intestines of a goat wrapped around her neck gets laid?   (let alone a smelly weasel testicle) How often?

Exactly.  And abstinence, as the GOP is fond of reminding us, is a solution for avoiding pregnancy.

I wonder if the GOP has considered endorsing this insightful old method for birth control.  The tie-in is glorious.  Of course, would they be willing to have Obamacare pay for the wholesale slaughter of goats and the de-balling of weasels?  You know the de-balling of weasels cannot be cheap.

Good Advice – Sometimes its hard to implement.  But – Weasels & Goats are way cute.  They would make great advertising mascots.  mustela_nivalis_-british_wildlife_centre-4 goat-785289_960_720

4 thoughts on “Good Advice

  1. An excellent point . Both weasel testicles and teaching abstinence have about the same level of efficacy as far as birth control is concerned. So why do we laugh at the idea of using weasel nuts, but so many people still believe teaching abstinence is the solution? If anything, we have far more evidence that teaching abstinence doesn’t work than we have proving weasel testicles aren’t effective. We have probably 4,000 years of human history proving pretty much without a doubt that teaching abstinence doesn’t work, yet a significant number of people still believe it’s effective.

    People are strange…


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