Georgette Heyer – Weekly Smile

I have read Georgette Heyer’s novels – the historical ones, at least 10 times.  Some of them significantly more.

They are old friends.  I know what is going to happen, but visiting Heyer’s world is always going to make me smile.  I know the characters, I know what is going to be said, I know what is going to happen.  But just like talking old friends, there is a pleasant joining of phrases, known and beautiful that make me relax and know that life is OK.  They make me smile.

These books have kept me company while I sat for endless hours in hospital rooms, while eating alone in a restaurant, while flying across the country in a plane.   They have made the unendurable stress of being helpless bearable. They have cheered up moments of loneliness.  They have made time pass pleasantly.

I will never be able to thank her for the gift of her words.  But they have given me a great many smiles.


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