In which I get angry at work

I went to work.  We will count that as an achievement.

But then I went off on one of the drivers.  It really wasn’t my place to do it, but on the other hand…

Apparently yesterday he told one of the women who works there about a Frisch’s in N*****ville.  Not only is that just unacceptable with anyone, this particular woman is married to an African American and has 3 children by him.

This woman is so meek it would take a nuclear apocalypse to make her complain or respond in anger directly to the person.  Although apparently she said something after he left.   I wasn’t there and I snapped at him when I heard.  His response – Well, that’s what they used to call it.  Grinning like it was all a good joke.

So I continued to express how inappropriate and unnecessary it was.  He refused to accept that and said he wasn’t politically correct.  I suggested he replace the words politically correct with ‘show respect’.

He walked away saying he wasn’t going to sit and be lectured.

On the one hand, I never sit still and shut up when people raise racial slurs.  But I also don’t take it as far or get as angry as I did tonight.  I am not fond of this driver.  He has on multiple occasions pissed me off.  So that probably played into it.

But I feel like losing my temper is losing the moment.  Its losing control of myself.  And then he kind of wins.  Because I got angry.

I’m getting angry too often these days.  Its not who I want to be.

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