In which my job is probably going to screw me.

youre-kidding-right-lc6vuwMy job has never offered health insurance.  In fact they have been very against Obamacare and paid the penalty rather than offer it.

So I have signed up through the Market Place.  I re-upped last night through the Marketplace because Tomorrow is the deadline.

Today my boss came up  and asked me if I had health coverage.  Actually the way he said it, it sounded more like “you don’t need coverage, right?” He seemed to think I qualified for Medicare, I suppose because of my disability.   After some back and forth, it became clear that he is going to offer a bare bones coverage through the office.

I asked for a brochure.  He didn’t have one, he is having the people come out some time this week.  He said I could hear what they have to say and see if it would be better.  OK.  Sounds reasonable.

TOMORROW IS THE FUCKING DEADLINE for the Marketplace, so why he put this off so fucking long… But OK, I guess.

So, I signed up to hear what they have to say.  Tonight I googled and found out that I will have to sign up for it.  Because I will lose the premium tax credit if I choose Market Place instead of employer insurance.  Which triples the premium for the Market Place insurance.

And he has already alluded to the fact that this health insurance the company offers is whatever the minimum required by law is.

This is a big deal for me because I have just fucking gotten myself on the path to taking care of myself.  I’m now on 3 prescriptions.  I’m going have to have doctor follow ups 3-4x a year.  And I won’t make enough money to cover a lot of it if the insurance doesn’t come through.

On the other hand, what he is offering is supposed to be cheap.  So, maybe the savings will make up for that.

I’m not in a good place for them to screw me because they hates Obama.

I really need to get a job with decent benefits.  One that pays well and has a future path for advancement.  I need to do this.  That will be the goal for 2016.

3 thoughts on “In which my job is probably going to screw me.

  1. I feel sorry for you. You might like to know that pretty much the entire rest of the developed world gave up listening to Republicans quite some time ago – because of course we have state funded healthcare (no – really – I can walk into hospital tomorrow, and it will cost me nothing)…

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