ACHIEVEMENT has been achieved.

girl-408066_960_720I went shopping.  NOT only that.  I went to local store which is unfamiliar.

I left the apartment and felt so energized by having walked out the door that the idea of dealing with a store where I didn’t know exactly where to find everything wasn’t such a terrible thing.

This was of course helped by me just buying only the usual things, but I still claim victory.

And it was not such a terrible thing.  Which is always the way with things that I put off.  I make them into huge canyons of impossibility in my brain and in reality – easy.  Well, at least tonight it felt pretty easy.

And everyone in the store was in a good mood.  Smiling and nodding and making small talk.  NO dicks anyway.  So that was nice.

And I even exchanged a small bit of small talk with a man who couldn’t find the ziti he was staring at.  He explained that he doesn’t usually go to the store but his wife is ill and someone had to go.  He’s really not good at it.

I wanted to tell him I’m not good at it either and I go 2x a week, but I didn’t.  I just pointed out the ziti was penne. And assured him that it isn’t the same thing as macaroni.  Which he seemed inclined to buy instead.

Anyway, I’m doing the happy dance of achievement and I’m hoping that my brain is back on the rails again.

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