Progress: Showered & Dressed

But now I’m having the most ridiculous dither about which store to go to.

Because again with the things NOT FAMILIAR.

The store near me is not the store I use.  Or not very often.

I go to the store that is near my work because I have to pass it when I leave work and its just easy to stop.  The store nearest me is another 4 miles outside the route to work.

The store I’m familiar with is 20 minutes away and in another fucking state.

The one nearest to me is 8-10 minutes away and on the same road that I live on.  But I don’t understand its layout as well, and so finding things becomes a thing.

I’m probably going to drive to another state to go shopping because FAMILIAR.

I am so tired of myself right now. 24d182555f187ace4692dcc5ea31c2dd



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