So. Speaking of Grocery Shopping.

I need to leave this apartment and attend to this chore.

I have planned and intended to do this from the moment I woke up at 830am.

It is now nearly 8 hours later and I’m still not dressed.

This is not helpful.  I have to get moving.  Not just because I want to buy some food but because I need to break this cycle of stillness.

I have missed work, and that must stop.

This is Day 12 of Antidepressants.  They don’t start working until 4 weeks or so.  But yeah, I am in reverse.  Oh the fucking irony.

I need a Depression Management Achievement to get me back on the rails. Grocery Shopping is going to be it.

So. Go Me. early_women_cheerleaders_at_uw_madison_2246608893

This has been a self pep talk, which you had to witness.  Thank you for observing.  Sign below as witness.

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