Milano Cookies. A Love Story.


I love Milanos.

Last week I discovered the Lemon Variety.  Please take a trip to your local food retailer and acquaint yourself with this lovely decadence.

Its nearly the zenith of Orange Milano. Indeed, there are certain moments, just around the 3rd or 4th chew where it exceeds the Orange and attains a moment of zen like yum.  Bright Sunshine and Fresh Sweetness and Lovely.

Tonight I decided to branch out and try the Dulce de Leche.  I hadn’t tried it before because it sounded a bit chancy.  A bit puffed up with itself.  But I can report now and its pretty damn good.

Not quite up to Lemon.  But it is a much sultrier taste.  It earns it’s name.  Its definitely a high class call girl willing to do dirty things to you as long as there are candles and a steamy bath involved.

I know.  I know.  These are just supermarket tramps.  Not home made, Not pure.  True.  But.  They are so very easy and so very tricksy because of it.

Everyone likes an easy trick.

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