Stuff that has happened

Why doesn’t anything work anymore?

Anyone else’s notification bell not working? It hasn’t worked for weeks. I click and it thinks – remaining blank while it thinks. So if you replied to a comment I made, I probably didn’t see it.

Don’t even get me started on this new and unimproved editor.

This new goddamn editor doesn’t actually let me fix anything in a post. Instead of defaulting to inserting text, it’s overwriting it. Like this is 1995. What the hell? I actually had to take the paragraph out of the editor put it into Notepad, fix my text and then paste it back into the worst text editor of all time. I have no idea what I did to cause this because every damn thing about this thing is obscure and stupid.

I saw where I could switch to Classic Editor and clicked with glee. It’s not the classic editor. It’s a subdued pop up version of the old perfectly useful and functional editor. I miss it. I do. I’m old. I’m now grouchy about changes. And lauding the old ways.

Anyway – Let’s move on to brighter things – Cats.

FC took a jump off the balcony on Sunday. He had been going out on the balcony and being a well behaved boy for weeks. But Sunday was an especially beautiful day and I think it was more than he could stand to be inside. So he jumped, I heard the spindly tree shake as he caught it and went running downstairs. He was standing proudly at the bottom of the tree, looked me in the eye with defiance, raised his tail and stalked off into the underbrush for a walkabout. So I let him.

I went out at dinner time with some food, and he immediately came up, so instead of putting it down I decided to see if I could get him to walk into the building of his own volition. He did tentatively follow me in and walk up a half flight but got spooked by someone out on the sidewalk and took off out the door. I followed him with the food and we regrouped at the old feeding spot. He was very wary of being caught and so I decided to let him spend the night out. It was going to be a cold night – mid 40s. I decided he might be more amenable after a cold night.

I woke up at 6am and went down in the dark to find my boy, who immediately greeted me and was all kinds of fine with being picked up to come home. We had a lovely cuddle when we got in and he seems to have settled down – not even begging to go out.

I wish I had a way to let him come and go.

Tomatoes, Squirrels and Birds…Oh My

Tomatoes – now it’s me, the squirrel and some damn bird eating the last of the tomatoes. I don’t think I’m going get any of the last ones. Which is fine, honestly. They are hungrier, but… I never did get a decent sized one.

Oh well. Life goes on. Next year, I’m going to ask the landlord if I can put a couple of pots next to the driveway. Then there will be plenty of sun.

9 thoughts on “Stuff that has happened

  1. I’m not fond of the new editor either. I think it is very awkward and not at all intuitive to use. Took me forever to get used to it and I still don’t like it. I too have had problems with notifications about comments. Seems like sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Oh, well. They’ll get it straightened out sooner or later.

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      1. I certainly agree with that. They didn’t add any new functions, just seemed to make it different for no good reason. I still can’t change the things I want to without resorting to HTML coding. If I want to change the look for a single post, I can change the template I use, but that change effects every single post I ever made, not just the current one. I shouldn’t have to resort to hand coding in HTML to make simple changes to a single post. I’m restricted as to how images are displayed, how text is displayed… If what I want to do isn’t included in the template, well, sorry Charlie, start editing that code. I had web design software that could do that stuff twenty years ago without having to resort to hand coding, but they can’t do that now? Seriously?


  2. I think the change was done for people who work on mobile devices. I’m still on the old editor. One day it will kick me off but I’ll wait until then. My tomatoes are done too. Picked the last ones last week and yesterday I ate the last good one. A few had rotted. They seem to rot faster at the end of the season and I don’t know why.

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    1. I also wanted to add that I have problems with Reader lately. I can’t be sure that I get all the blogs I subscribe to. I also get an email that I use to double check. I have no idea why it will all of a sudden drop a blog.

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