Rope – Ever as It Always Was

I was just wandering around the rabbit holes of Wikipedia. There I discovered that there was a nearly intact boat inside the base of one of the pyramids. I naturally clicked to learn more and as I was perusing the lovely images, this picture showed up!

That right there is not the pile of rope found at your local marina. Although you would NOT be at fault for assuming it was. That is the rope found with the boat in the base of the pyramid. It’s rope from 4500+ years ago.

Rope has not become irrelevant. It has not changed dramatically at all. It’s the same and still necessary. Certainly, today, we have more fiber options, more effective machines to make it, and still this ancient rope would blend right in at the marina. Because we still make rope the same way the ancients did. We twist up fibers. And then we twist up the twists, etc.

There is evidence of cord that Neanderthals used 40,000 years ago! Three ply cord.

It useful. Indeed it’s necessary. The ancient method for making it was so good that we have just kept right on doing it. I find that mind bogglingly beautiful.

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