Oh. The Disappointment

The 2020 shitshow has extended to my tomato plants.  My harvest is deeply underwhelming.  I ate my first ones this past week.  In September.  Everyone else is getting tomatoes at the end of July.  I get them in September.  

Also – small.  Very small.  All three plants.  And I don’t think it’s just the fact that I’m in a race with the bastard squirrel to harvest them, so I tend to pick as soon as they show any sign of changing color rather than leaving them on the plant to ripen – which would be ideal.  I’ve only got 3 tomatoes of normal size.  Most are slightly bigger than a cherry when they turn red.  Some are cherry size.  None are beefsteak size.  sad tomato harvest

The plants seemed to thrive, despite being in a less than ideal sun location.  Of the three plants, the volunteer definitely did the best.  And honestly has amazeball tasting tomatoes.  It’s too bad I don’t know what it is.  But I will be saving seed.  But even though the plants grew and seem healthy, I think it’s the lack of sufficient sun that is making the harvest so weak.  

Despite all of that, I am honestly delighted in my misfits.  Eating tomatoes you grow yourself is lovely.  They did not live up to my dreams of their harvest, but I have a long record of dreaming one thing and experiencing another, so – not really surprising.  

11 thoughts on “Oh. The Disappointment

  1. Bummer! We’ve been battling the tomato hornworms–they’ve done a number on the Roma tomatoes especially. The Early Girls were super bountiful, but the Cherokee Purples less so.

    But even without a bumper crop, homegrown tomatoes are, as you say, so worth the effort for the amazing taste.

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  2. I picked my last tomatoes of the season yesterday and pulled the plants. We are grading the area where the garden was and have taken down the fence. I’ll put a plant in a pot next year. This year I had 4 plants and got way more tomatoes than 2 people could eat. I gave many away but too many rotted before I got to them. Still they were amazing!

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