FC – FeralCat – The interim update

I’ve finally seen FC.  He was waiting for his dinner last night.  His limp is very much worse.  He holds his paw in the air when sitting or standing still.

Under good news – I don’t think it’s an infected wound.  He doesn’t act sick and infected cat bite wounds make cats feels super shitty.

It’s obviously painful though and I would really like to catch him and take him to the vet.  Although it might take me 6 months to recover any trust after that.  Ideally he would trust me completely before I took him to the vet, but that is not the current circumstance.

So – trapping him and probably getting bitten and losing trust – is the path forward.  sigh.

Why can’t life be a bit simpler?

8 thoughts on “FC – FeralCat – The interim update

  1. Good people have these dilemmas. A sick cat (obviously someone’s pet) wandered in my yard last fall. After it came through 3 days for water at my pond, I went out to check it. It weighed 4 lbs and was clearly at the end of the line. I was fortunate to be able to pick it up and take it to the vet. They scanned it and contacted the owner who said it had gotten out and she couldn’t find it. The are neighbors but I didn’t know them or the cat since it was an indoor cat. It had a good ending although the owner had to put the cat down because it had end stage renal failure but at least it didn’t die by itself under a bush.

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  2. Right? We animal lovers agonize, worry, and do the right thing.

    I spent an hour the other morning trying to catch a loose dog with no tags and get it home–about a mile from my house. The dog wouldn’t trust me, but she tried to follow a guy into his house so of course he was like, “get out of here.” Instead of letting her in his yard or giving her water, etc.

    I was relieved when some nicer people who lived nearby helped me track down her family. Her people were so grateful and she’s home safe. But I still have nothing for contempt for that dude.

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