Snow in May

It did not snow here, but did snow a bit north of my location.  In the 2nd week of May.  On the one hand, it’s does seem like Mother Nature was showing her Schadenfreude at watching us all wither under her whim of a virus. A small smug smile on our collective misery.

Some Southern New Englanders see snow in May | WJAR

But I’m a bit perverse.  I find the oddity of a snow in May quite charming.  Mostly because I haven’t got any plants out yet, so I was not disconvenienced by the dip in temperature.  And of course it didn’t actually snow in my location.  So I could just lean into the marvel of a late snow.  Lots of pics were posted.  We live in an age where one can enjoy a thing without actually experiencing it.

I did worry a bit about FC.  But since he was out and about, eating hearty meals, I tried  to remember that he is in fact a feral cat and must have managed with far worse weather. But not this past season.  That’s when he was allowed into the apartment downstairs during cold days.  sigh.

Yesterday he let me get quite close but still refused to be pet.  He still limps but it seems to be improving.  Perhaps just a sprain from a bad jump?


9 thoughts on “Snow in May

  1. Weather here in Wisconsin has been unusually cold and we had a bit of snow as well. It didn’t stay, thankfully. We’ve been running about 20 – 30 degrees below normal for this time of year, with freeze warnings almost every night for the last week. But then weather in Wisconsin is notoriously weird to begin with. Back in the 1980s on May 10 we woke up to 10 inches of snow. Everything was canceled, lots of trees down. It was really strange.

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    1. It was such a mild winter here that I think it’s more surprising to me. But I guess Mother Nature figured she had a quota that hadn’t been met and so she let loose.


    1. He is coming along. Although this morning he didn’t show up for breakfast. The pattern seems to be he will show up for 3 meals in a row and then I won’t seem him for a couple of days and then he’s back at all the meal times. The food gets eaten regardless. i hope he’s the one eating it.

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  2. That arctic outflow was a doozey … so big it was pulling all sorts of weather up from the mid-southern Pacific behind it – interesting times!
    Glad things have moved forward a bit with FC. 🙂


  3. There is a word here in Austria – “Eisheiligen” (Ice Saints?) – which refers to a few days in mid-May when the temperatures suddenly drop to freezing. It’s a really old term, but a lot of people still wait till after these days to put out balcony flowers, etc. So maybe this snow was actually sort of a normal occurrence . . . ?

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