I’ve recently been covered in fur.

I took my cats the to vet.  When cats are stressed they shed.  ALOT.

I, and I would imagine most caretakers, try to comfort the stressed cat at the vet by petting and cuddling it.  This transfers all the fur on their body onto your body.

I did it twice because Bijou, her calico highness, has deep and unnatural hatred for the carrier and I think she would probably rip poor little passive Tim into a bloody pillow if I took them together.  Particularly since I only have one carrier.  It’s a bigger carrier, and it would hold them both if required, but I decided it wasn’t required.

Bijou hates the cage so to her the actual exam room was not terrible.  She explored it thoroughly while we waited and clearly developed an escape plan.  She didn’t hide from me when I picked her up and put her on the table and submitted with dignity to all the indignities they did to her.

Tim, however, doesn’t think the carrier is a cage of horrors.  So he had to be pulled out the carrier and then glued himself into me, hiding his little face in the crook of my elbow.  There is very little as pathetic and endearing as a cat burying its face into you for safety. He did not see the exam room as an interesting place to explore.  Which is upsetting because he’s going back next week for his neutering.  When I turned away from  him to get my purse he jumped off and hid in a corner under the chair.

When we finally let him back into the carrier he scrambled in like it was home sweet home and settled in the back.

People who don’t have cats probably think of them as a monolithic sort of detached personality.  But they are not.  Like humans they come in a huge spectrum of personalities and a trip to the vet is a great place to see that.

Particularly this vet because they have a big orange office cat who helps the receptionists.  He likes to lay across the keyboards and get in their way as much as possible.  He has no fear of the barking, and meowing going on in the waiting room.  He thinks all animals are inferior to him.  It’s written so clearly in his attitude.

There was a whining pit bull in the waiting room.  His pathetic cowering noises made my Tim look brave.  Office Cat looked at that dog like he would not have bothered to bury him after he took him down in any fight he cared to enter into.    And despite the odds, I think I would have taken Office Cat in that fight.  But office cat didn’t even growl at him, just looked disdainful and walked away.   He’s wise and generous.   He let the dog live and didn’t jeopardize the good life he’s leading as Official Office Cat.

Anyway we all survived and Tim will be deballed next Friday.


5 thoughts on “I’ve recently been covered in fur.

  1. One of the first trips to vet with Hazel, my semi-feral cat, ended up with her wedged under a radiator. Took us 5 minutes to get her out and she wasn’t happy about it. Next time I was there, the area was covered so a cat couldn’t get in there. I attribute that to Hazel.

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  2. Office Cat rules. My cats hate the carrier until we get to the vet. After the exam, they can’t get back in the carrier fast enough.

    My dogs LOVE the vet. There are treats. There are people who love big dogs. There are OTHER DOGS! Beowoof once dragged a vet all the way down the hall to the kennels so he could visit the other dogs.

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  3. cat fur is an amazing thing. I bought a new Jeep about four years ago and when I went to pick it up at the dealer, my brand new Jeep already had cat fur on the black seats. From my cats. All I can think of is it must have been on my clothes when I took it for a test drive the week before. Either that or they walked 30 miles to the dealer, broke into the Jeep and shed all over the interior as soon as they found out I bought it. Sneaky, those Siamese.

    One of our vets had an office cat too, and it was amazing. The big lug liked to sit on their computer keyboard so people had to pay attention to him before they could do any billing or printing.

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