The Guilt of a Favorite

Whenever I have more than one cat, I always end up with a favorite.  It’s nearly always the one I’ve had longest.  In fact, I think it ALWAYS is?  I can’t think of an exception.

Anyway, despite only being with me a few months, Bijou, Her Calico Highness, is my favorite.  And I feel really bad about it.

Because on all metrics except possibly pure beauty, Rebel Tim is probably more lovable.  He’s never the one who growls or spits.  Although to be fair, Bijou was universally cheerful and sweet until the arrival the Rebel Tim, so.

But I got Tim for Bijou.  I feel like he belongs to her.  I just take care of him for her, because she’s royalty and cannot be expected to manage his needs. What’s more, I’m pretty sure Her Calico Highness knows that Tim is hers.  He is naturally oblivious.  He just loves her.  And me.  Probably equally because he’s that sweet.

Anyway, it’s not like I don’t love Tim.  But I have a preference for Her Calico Highness.

I am glad I never had kids.  I imagine I would have had a favorite and that would be awful.

So anyway.  This has been the confession of Sara, guilty cat lover.

6 thoughts on “The Guilt of a Favorite

  1. I have four and my favorite rotates. One day one of them will be so adorable and one will be puking. The next day it’s all different. It evens out in the end. Mollie is the beauty and lets me give her big smooches but Morgan likes hugs. The other two not so much but have their own endearing features. You don’t have to worry since you really only have one cat. Your cat has a pet.

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  2. Yeah, if you have a favorite kid you have to keep it a secret! I’m just glad I only have one of each so I can say honestly “favorite son” and “favorite daughter.” 😊 As far as cats, I think they pick which one of us they prefer and then allow us to love them the most!

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  3. All parents have a favorite child. They never admit it, and I rather wish they would. Because when you don’t admit it, you’re gaslighting your child and it can really mess them up.

    Luckily, cats don’t care. All cats are sure they are the favorite.

    And dogs? Whoever they are looking at is their favorite.

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