You vote for the Problem if you don’t vote.

I’m a bit concerned about this Flouncy Mood I’ve been seeing lately among liberals online.  They are angry at Democrats in Congress for not doing more to stop Trump.  I guess shutting down the government isn’t too far.

I’ve seen quite a few of people express that if Democrat Politicians don’t try harder, they aren’t going to vote for them.   While their views certainly represent a serious lack of understanding on how our government actually runs, it’s also a foolish idealism.

Let’s GET REAL.  LIfe and Politics do not  happen in ideals.  I’m 52 and I’ve never voted for my ideal.

You vote for practical gritty reality.  

You vote for the best option.

Right now, Democrats, whatever their weakness, are the best option.

This is not a game.  Human lives are at stake.  Prancing about refusing to vote for anything but perfection will not save lives.  Voting for the best option, even when not ideal, is what saves lives.

womens-march-sign-1We don’t have time for Moods.  We need to fight with the weapons we are handed.

You vote for the problem if you don’t vote.

4 thoughts on “You vote for the Problem if you don’t vote.

  1. I said that often in 2016. Often. To people who said they were voting for a 3rd party which is like throwing your vote away. You don’t have to like the person you vote for. You are not going out for drinks with them. You have to vote for the person who will advance some of the causes you believe in. No one will meet expectations completely. Also, you can’t believe everything you hear. You have to ENGAGE! Love the lady with the sign.

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  2. If we could have gotten just a relatively few more liberals or progressives or just plain moderates to go to the polls and vote here in Wisconsin, Clinton would have won. That she lost is due entirely to the people you talk about. Didn’t vote because they didn’t like her or voted for third party… sigh. As Kate Crimmins said in her comment, no one will EVER meet all of your expectations. You have to make compromises.

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