Happy Rain of July.

7346833044_05a7b22e71_bErr.  4th of July.  If you are in the US anyway. And Happy Rain, if you are in SW Ohio.

The rest of the world – Happy Monday.

I like Mondays so I don’t say that sarcastically. Mondays are a fresh start.  When all the possibilities of goals are still energized.
When the week’s crap has not unfolded and ruined all the plans you had for the week.

Mondays are wonderful days.

Holidays are not.  At least for me.

Training obstacle courseHolidays are a sort of suspension bridge between two points in your life.  They swing about too much with all the expected potential and the disappointing reality.  No I am not a fan of Holidays.


Trying to Understand.

I make an effort to understand the things that I don’t.  Things that seem wrong to me but other people believe or support.

In that category is Donald Trump.  Most of what I know about Trump I have learned through articles written about him.  But I hadn’t actually read or heard a speech.  So I pulled the transcripts from his speeches.

I want to know where he’s coming from.  I want to know if I am misunderstanding him because of my own bias.  I want to know what his supporters see in him.  So I’m reading his speeches.

And it’s hard.  At first it was easy.  It was the standard sort of things that politicians say that will get you to nod your head because we can ALL AGREE ABOUT THAT.

We will never be able to fix a rigged system by counting on the same people who rigged it in the first place.The insiders wrote the rules of the game to keep themselves in power and in the money.

Of course it’s also got the lies and/or delusions for which he is so very famous.

But that is just the warm up.  Then he gets started on the things that creep into the scary.

We will spend what we need to rebuild our military. It is the cheapest, single investment we can make. We will develop, build and purchase the best equipment known to mankind. Our military dominance must be unquestioned, and I mean unquestioned, by anybody and everybody.

I haven’t finished all the speeches I’ve pulled up to read.  It’s becoming harder.  I’m not a fan of any political speech because I find the standard political simplistic generalities to be insulting, as they assume I’m an idiot.  Rarely do you hear specific details of a plan or strategy.

Trump at least offers me more opportunities to fact check him.  And those ventures have the pleasantness of finding them false.  Its like always winning the scratch off.

But then he says the scary stuff my stomach gets churny.




The Cat Factor of Difficulty

Until you have a cat, you don’t understand the added level of difficulty and effort that they add to all your everyday tasks.

Right now, I’m lounging in bed with my laptop, but Lily is leaning on the laptop with her head blocking part of the screen.lily computer  In order to see, I keep inching the laptop over on my lap until it’s sort of floating in midair and barely being supported by part of one leg. I don’t even know I’m doing it until the balance becomes untenable and then we have to reset with me moving both Lily and the laptop.

That is one example in a continuing daily struggle with a cat making your life more… Interesting.

They don’t let you do anything the simplest way.  mti4otkzmdq1mjm5njm4nju5
tumblr_nlts2roqfv1u6jismo2_1280You will always have to step over or around.  You will always have to factor in their ability to deliberately knock something over or rip it up.  You will always have to adjust yourself to their intentions.  19f1b8a123b8f1ded1bd0116abb7167c






And what is utterly amazing, is that we do this so unconsciously most of the time.  We don’t give it a second thought.  866534453510dd26868352923f9ed337

Grumpy Sara’s Opinion of Amatuer Fireworks…

If I were Empress of the World, Fireworks would only be allowed in the hands of professionals.  Not to protect the idiots.  That’s just a random benefit.  This is because they IRRITATE me.

I just don’t get them.  They are noisy and entirely anticlimactic in backyards all over America.  One gets set off, and may indeed be momentarily sparkly, but now you have to wait 10 minutes while a group of boozy people huddle about and organize another one.  And let’s face it, that sparkle, that one rocket of sparkles, it wasn’t that great compared to the professional show of artistry that the City puts on.

And then there’s the noise.  Now I recognize that the noise is why a huge number of people like the damn things, but the noise is what I hate.  It’s actually not the noise, it’s the UNEXPECTED noise.  I will spend this entire weekend jumping because of the bangs and pops that will go off all around me.

Because of my Anxiety, I startle embarrassingly easily.  So when it’s a noise that would startle anyone, I move toward the precipice of Panic.

So, in my role as your Empress, I would probably just ban them from everyday citizens.  However, I would compromise by making it illegal to set them off except on pre-designated nights.

AND you would have to have a signed note from your lover that you don’t have issues with premature… firing.

If you shoot off any night prior to the night of the designated Holiday, you will be fined.  Money will be given to the local GAD society.

If you shoot off anytime on any day when it is still light out, you will be publically humiliated for being unable to control your premature firing of rockets.  And fined. Naturally.

Damn, I’m so crotchety.  It’s just a silly thing that people love to do and I’m the person telling everyone to shut up and get off my lawn.

But, really, STOP with the damn fireworks.  One just went off while I was typing this.  2pm on July 2nd.  They’ve been going off for a week.  They will go off for 2 weeks after.