Happy Rain of July.

7346833044_05a7b22e71_bErr.  4th of July.  If you are in the US anyway. And Happy Rain, if you are in SW Ohio.

The rest of the world – Happy Monday.

I like Mondays so I don’t say that sarcastically. Mondays are a fresh start.  When all the possibilities of goals are still energized.
When the week’s crap has not unfolded and ruined all the plans you had for the week.

Mondays are wonderful days.

Holidays are not.  At least for me.

Training obstacle courseHolidays are a sort of suspension bridge between two points in your life.  They swing about too much with all the expected potential and the disappointing reality.  No I am not a fan of Holidays.


6 thoughts on “Happy Rain of July.

  1. Is the rain refreshing? Because I’m here in Texas and the temp is 100 but with the heat index it’s 109! Yikes! I’m melting and with hot flashes to go with it! I could only hope for cool refreshing rain.

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      1. We are going to a neighborhood party later … it will still be near 100 and the heat index over 105 … I’ll be spending most of my time indoors as I am now. It’s hot, but I put up with hot summers as I can stand them better than snowy, cold winters … much, much, much better. Being cold is like death to me … being hot is just like complaining.

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      2. I’m fickle. When I’m hot, I’m convinced I would prefer to be cold 100% of the time. When I’m cold, I can fantasize about just basking in the Sauna Like conditions you are living right now.

        I’m really only happy between 68 & 78 degrees. And I really don’t feel like its too much to ask for that. Its ideal weather, I don’t know why its not a priority for Earth to make this happen everywhere, all the time.

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  2. I’m in Pennsylvania. Looks like we will get a shower in a while but the earlier part of the day was good. Holidays aren’t really for adults. Not much good comes out of them unless you hate your job. Then you get off.

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