An Ode to My Pest


Feline of Persistence,

Apprenticed under the Late Great Chester the Pester,

Born of the wild and terrible animals,

Found now in the warmth of a crooked arm,

Assured of her right to all things

of consequence and not.

In particular, not.

She, of the great trivial battles,

who has won on many a day,

the surrender of her human

and laid in triumph on the spoils of the war,

The Great and Clicky keyboard.

As ever it was supposed to be.

And ever it shall be.



4 thoughts on “An Ode to My Pest

  1. I hope Lily never meets Orion (my Burmese Tiger) he can delete and ‘clean a system’ faster than we can stop him. Our policy of turning off computers when he’s in the vicinity has just resulted in his sprinting for any computer whenever he sneaks thru the wrong door.

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