The Cat Factor of Difficulty

Until you have a cat, you don’t understand the added level of difficulty and effort that they add to all your everyday tasks.

Right now, I’m lounging in bed with my laptop, but Lily is leaning on the laptop with her head blocking part of the screen.lily computer  In order to see, I keep inching the laptop over on my lap until it’s sort of floating in midair and barely being supported by part of one leg. I don’t even know I’m doing it until the balance becomes untenable and then we have to reset with me moving both Lily and the laptop.

That is one example in a continuing daily struggle with a cat making your life more… Interesting.

They don’t let you do anything the simplest way.  mti4otkzmdq1mjm5njm4nju5
tumblr_nlts2roqfv1u6jismo2_1280You will always have to step over or around.  You will always have to factor in their ability to deliberately knock something over or rip it up.  You will always have to adjust yourself to their intentions.  19f1b8a123b8f1ded1bd0116abb7167c






And what is utterly amazing, is that we do this so unconsciously most of the time.  We don’t give it a second thought.  866534453510dd26868352923f9ed337

15 thoughts on “The Cat Factor of Difficulty

    1. Aren’t they SOOO helpful? I have learned more about my computer than I could ever have hoped for from a college course, because Lily has stepped on some key that screwed EVERYTHING up and I have to figure out how to unscrew it.

      She’s HELPFUL.

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      1. I have too. If we forget to close the office door I can be sure that one of the little stinkers will crawl over and through about 15 thousand dollars worth of radio and computer equipment to try to get into the bay window. Sigh…

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  1. I once had a cat who insisted on walking across my keyboard. Then one day, the mouse stopped working. It turned out the cat had “accidentally” pressed just the right combination of keys to turn it off. Cats and mice. . .

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    1. I have come to the conclusion that Lily is trying to teach me about the computer by continually finding those kinds of obscure keyboard combinations. The worst 2 to date have been turning the orientation of the screen sideways and turning off the wifi in a way that could not be reversed in the software but I had to track down the actual keyboard combo to restart it. She’s a “teacher”.


  2. They own us. We are pathetic. I have three cats and I can’t believe how acceptable I find it to be woken up at 3am with a cat on my chest whose decided he wants snuggles, or sleep on my head.

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