Get some Perspective!

Seriously.  We are a bunch of idiots raging about a silly forgettable speech using utterly common phrases that she lifted from another speech that were probably lifted from other works.  WHO THE FUCK CARES?

Now the meme going around is the obviously UNINTENTIONAL Nazi salute by Laura Ingraham. Stop focusing on the unimportant things and attack at the devastating policies, the clear hate mongering, the  obvious character failure of Trump.

During the RNC they brought the officers who beat Freddie Gray to death in a police van onto the stage and cheered them.  THINK ABOUT THAT!!!   The GOP needs to be called on that.  It needs to be the thing we are outraged about.  That is so much more important than a couple of innocous lines in a speech.

They had three people whose children were killed by immigrants on stage to discuss the problem of immigration.  As though immigration policy kills children.   That obvious manipulation of reality needs to be called out and not allowed to lay there.

What matters is being ignored.  Really scary bad things are going unnoticed so you can rage about really UNIMPORTANT stuff.

If this man gets elected, it’s going to be a disaster, and not because Melania googled “first lady speeches” when she wrote hers.

Your damn memes about unimportant stuff are only directed to people who agree with you.

If you want to help, point out the stuff that matters so that people on the fence will vote for Clinton.

We need to work on the important stuff, not the stuff that feels easy.

2 thoughts on “Get some Perspective!

  1. Agreed. The Party of Reagan has become small-minded and hateful, and much of this started long before Trump ran for office. Trump is just the mirror image of the ugly parts of the party. Trump’s lack of veracity as a candidate is in his history and it is not hard to find – he exploits people for money and is thin-skinned and litigious. He is a consummate sales person, but not a very good manager. Yet, his dangerous and ill-informed positions and hate-filled rhetoric makes him even less a candidate. I have had people tell me he could hire the best people to do his bidding, but he has trouble staffing a campaign with capable people as is evidence by the convention mistakes. Plus, his schtick is always to oversell and under-deliver, as is evidenced by the three class action lawsuits against Trump University, the first of which will start tomorrow, I think.

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