Kids are Wild Animals

They will, just by nature, do lots of stupid, destructive and embarrassing things.

They aren’t tame yet.

And just like any animal, they are REALLY good at jumping in a gorilla pit or knocking over a 10,000 piece Lego Sculpture or asking your fat boss if their baby looks like an Alien.

That is just regular NORMAL behavior.  Yeah, it’s our job as adults to try and get them to act just a bit more rationally and with slightly more awareness of the consequences of their actions, but it’s a process.

And unless you intend to superglue yourself to a child until they are release into adulthood, they will do stupid stuff.  In fact they need to do stupid stuff.  Mistakes are how kids learn.  Mostly the mistakes are confined to small disasters that are relatively tiresome but easy to clean up or fix.

But there are the outliers.  There are always going to be kids who destroy part of themselves or someone else or something else while they are busy being the wild beasts that they are.  Humans have always known this, but for some reason we have been getting a sort of collective amnesia recently.  We seem to have forgotten that children are really just potential disaster areas.

This obsession the 1st world has with over-parenting, keeping children safe from every possible harm, with making their lives into one long moment to moment entertainment complex, has made us forget – kids aren’t really designed like that.  They are like wild animals put in a zoo.  They are still wild and unpredictable no matter how many buffers you put around them.

It’s been happening for millenia.children_playing_tag


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