The Problem with Victim Blaming

There is a tendency to say to people who are the victims of common crimes – “It’s your own fault, if you had just done X or Y, it wouldn’t have happened.” Or alternatively, “If you had just not done V or W, it wouldn’t have happened.”

The most basic flaw in this logic is that you have undermined a basic contract of civilized society.  We all agree to abide by the law so that we can all be safe.  So, for example, in order for me and you not be killed, we agree not kill other people.  And we agree that there will an applicable punishment and social stigma for breaking this law.

All of our basic laws are ultimately a way for all people to feel safe.  If we give in to the idea that certain crimes are so common that one of the people to blame for the crime is the victim for not protecting themselves properly, we have now changed the basic tenet of civilization.  We have now tacitly accepted that this crime is an exception to the social contract.

The contract says we all have a right to the safety of ourself and our property.  That is the fundamental reason for civilization.

When enough people blame the victims, the perpetrator of the crime is perceived as  less guilty because it was so “easy” and the victim was thereby assigned some of the criminal’s guilt.  It also gives permission to more people to do something illegal or immoral because it was just easy and they were asking for it by not taking better precaution.

It is too idealistic to assume that certain crimes don’t happen.  But there is a difference between blaming the victim and teaching yourself or another person to be prepared against a possible crime.

Victim Blaming is not just hurtful to the victim, it is detrimental to our society in general.

4 thoughts on “The Problem with Victim Blaming

  1. Excellent point. If you interpret victim blaming to its base level, it says you allowed this to happen through your carelessness. Thanks for your empathy, bro.

    With that said, human nature reveals that people tend to think when good things happen to them, it is due to their merit and when bad things happen it is misfortune. When good things happen to others they were lucky and when bad things happen, they were careless.

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  2. It is a thin line between the feeling that we want to blame others for what happens to them and there’s an element of people who would like to have done the crime to a person. There is a certain type of people who think they could do this to someone else.

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