I’m sitting in the Living Room.

This is so rare that I don’t even remember the last time I did it.  And I know that in the 2.75 years I’ve lived here I’ve sat in here less than 5 times.

I sit in bed.  It’s not healthy.

But I am waiting for the UPS guy and I won’t hear him in the bedroom, so I’m sitting in the Living Room like a normal person.

I opened the blinds, which are always closed.  Its actually quite bright and cheery despite the greyness of the morning.  Huh.  Lily is all kinds of interested in this new development and is sitting on the window sill.  This is probably not wise, since she is kind of a lease breaker, but the management is aware of her and pretending she doesn’t exist because I keep her litter clean and she’s not destroying the place. And they are a service for mental health.  Not having her would destroy my very tenuous path to mental health.

I am wondering if I could rearrange the furniture in such a way that I would be more likely to use the Living Room.  I think if I had the small writing desk in front of the window, with a chair, I might sit in here more.  It’s kind of nice to look out the window and see the world.

The heat is still on in the apartment.  Low, but on.  Because it’s run by an agency that is NOT always super efficient.  They usually turn ON the heat in mid November to Early December.  This is the first year where they forgot to turn it off though.  I may have to call. sigh.

Anyway, that’s life in my house this morning.  I feel like I’m in a stranger’s apartment because I’m sitting in the Living Room.

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