We all change

But it’s worrying.

What if future me is someone present me wouldn’t like? What if I stop caring about what other people need or think and just care about me?

How do I stop that from happening?  Should I write down what I am, what I believe right now and make sure I adhere to it like a religious fundamentalist adheres to their holy book?

Should I really stop change and thought from happening?   Because it isn’t like present me is the President of All of the Mes who will ever be.  I don’t know anything about future me, but maybe there are things I don’t know that make future me the right me.  Although I cannot imagine a future where not caring about other humans is ever a good plan…

Any strict adherence to one ideal stops me from thinking, doesn’t it?  I don’t have to think through an issue because I have it referenced in black and white.  There’s the answer of how I think.

Ultimately, I think I will risk my possible evolution away from things that are important to current me in order to maintain my ability to think through and consider myself in relation to the world at ever stage of my life.


5 thoughts on “We all change

  1. Change is as inevitable as the wind. Without change, we cannot grow, evolve and learn. Do not let it worry you – your essence will remain the same, but elements of you may grow into something different as you learn and evolve. It is the beauty of life.

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  2. I like change. The idea that the future me would be the same person I am now is kind of frightening to me. So I have the opposite fear, I guess. Caring about other people – the ability to feel empathy – is something that, once you have it, you don’t lose it. That is my optimistic perspective, anyway. Other abilities you won’t lose – self-reflection and your sense of humor. I am quite sure I will like Future You too.

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