Humans continue to suck

There are humans in the world,  adult humans,  in their 40s, who do elaborate prank calls just for the fun of it.

And the internet has allowed them to create a gathering place, to feed off of each others ideas and be even greater oozing pus boils on the ass crack of mankind.

Listen to this podcast for the story.   But to summarize, a guy had a problem with comcast.  He tweeted about it.  They resolved it and gave him a discount.  Story that happens all over the internet.

A few months later, he gets a call from a comcast rep asking him to delete the tweet.  They go back and forth, with the rep comparing keeping the tweet up to keeping a mean tweet up about your girlfriend which you posted during a fight.  The rep eventually calls him a dickhole and then he deletes the tweet.  Eventually she’s mean enough that he hangs up.

It was a prank.  For fun.  Not to steal anything, just because this person finds prank phone calls entertaining.  Manipulating people is entertaining to her bored self and so why not choose a random stranger and make them severely uncomfortable for awhile.

I’ll be honest.  I find prank phone calls with no other purpose than self gratification to be SEVERAL rungs lower than some asshole who would con someone for money or ID over the phone.  And I think those vermin are the shit stuck in the butt crack of dirty heroin addicts. But the shit vermin are at least working toward a productive end, not just idly entertaining themselves like the oozy pus pranksters are.  It does not justify the behavior, but as a motivation for doing vile things, the search for money is more understandable to me than the search for entertainment.

Humans have always been terrible, but the internet allows us to find other people who enjoy our worst selves.  And they create subreddits and websites and skype and then – poof – we have a club of people who support and grow this terrible behavior.  Its the dirty underside of all the good things that are the internet.  And sometimes I worry about it.

13 thoughts on “Humans continue to suck

  1. I hate people. As if telemarketers weren’t bad enough, but at least they’re just trying to make a living. On top of that I’m sick and have really limited energy. If I accidentally leave the phone in the other room it takes considerable effort for me to get to it. A prank would piss me off royally. Are humans the only species that take pleasure in being cruel? Other animals are cruel when they are fighting for resources, but not just for fun, right?

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    1. There are some indications that the higher the intelligence level the more often a species can be seen being cruel for entertainment. There’s a video on youtube of some Orcas tossing a seal around – not to eat, just for fun. They return the seal to the beach when they are done. These Orcas are considered the genius pool of the community because they have found a way to catch seals ON the beach.

      Its very depressing.

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  2. I once got a call-supposdly from the police-that my husband had been badly injured in a car accident. If I hadn’t known he had no car that day, and lectures at the time he was supposedly injured, I would have gone crazy. This is what we have come to. From “have you got prince albert in a can- now let him out” to this.

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  3. you have a heart. temporarily or long-term hate-filled are so out of it they often don’t until they push the wrong button and injure themselves and come back to reality.


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