My one and only marriage proposal

I thought it was a one night, possibly a two night stand.  Right before he came, he said “Oh My God.  I love you.  Will you marry me.”

I didn’t think much of it, because, well, I hardly knew him.  But also because that is almost an exact duplicate of what my group of friends said to each when we were really grateful for anything.  Sexual Orientation and Current Marital Status did not deter this from being our standard “I really  mean it – I appreciate what you did” line.  He wasn’t part of that group, but I was just very used to being proposed to when someone was happy with something I did.

So…I was a little caught off guard when, later, he followed up with – I mean it – will you marry me?

I laughed.  Which, perhaps, is not a very kind way to handle a proposal.  But I don’t think the man loved me.  I certainly didn’t love him.  And I tend to laugh inappropriately in awkward situations.

I don’t really count it as a marriage proposal.  But it does make a story.

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