If you use the phrase Brutal Honesty to defend a statement – you are probably a Virtuous Asshat.

If you blurt your fact while feeling righteous about being honest, you may  want to consider whether the virtuous asshat label fits your head.  Telling people things that will hurt them because you consider yourself HONEST is asinine.

Honesty is NOT the greatest virtue.  If your information is not going to help a situation but is just going to hurt someone SHUT UP.

Honesty does not necessarily need to come from you. You are even part of this issue?  Do you need to say ANYTHING AT ALL?  Did anyone ask you?   If then answer is no, SHUT UP.

If you just state the bald fact that you know is going to hurt someone, but you recognize it and don’t feel noble about it, then you are not  a virtuous asshat.  But you are probably an asshat.

There are ways to be honest without being brutal.  It takes effort and kindness.  It takes longer, it requires being quiet and gentle.  It’s hard.

Its easier to either skip the honesty or go with the bald fact.   Being “brutally honest” is the lazy asshole’s excuse for being a dick.

People don’t remember what you say nearly as long as they remember how you made them feel.

15 thoughts on “If you use the phrase Brutal Honesty to defend a statement – you are probably a Virtuous Asshat.

  1. Thank you!!! YES!! I hate how the immediate response to a brutally honest statement is that I’m being too sensitive. That’s the double blow that comes from these asshats!

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  2. Just because you think it, does not mean you should say it. Middle schoolers don’t have this filter yet, but we as adults should. It should be noted a leading presidential candidate advocates political incorrectness, but it does not give him the license to lie, demonize, label and name call. This same person has a history of being litigious, so he would prefer to dish it out.

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  3. Your title made me laugh. Your post made me think . .. – or better – remember. I too have crossed paths with people who rationalized their own cruelty with the excuse of being “honest”.
    “Virtuous Asshat” will now be part of my own vocabulary.

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