First Order Retievability

The Depression is very good at putting up phantom barriers to doing things.

So a simple task can be put off because I have to get the things out of a cupboard or out of drawer or its in a box or whatever.

So for the last year, I have been increasing the amount of First Order Retrievability on everyday things.  By this I  mean I shouldn’t have to open a door, a drawer or a box.

I hang the 3 three pots and pans I use on the wall over the stove.  I have a set of open shelves on my worktable and on it are all the common things I use everyday – burrito wraps, bread, butter, sugar, plates, silverware, cat food, spices.

As I’ve been cleaning today, I’ve been trying to add that concept to my bedroom.  If I use it daily, it needs to be where I can grab it quickly – visible.

In my previous life this would be bad.  Its clutter.  I always wanted everything to have a place to be put away, out of sight.  But I realize now that this won’t work for depression management.

So now I’m considering how to make First Order Retrievability at least look nice.

I believe a trip to the dollar store is in my future.

PS – Today is a success!

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