Giant Plans for My Weekend*

TONIGHT:  Watch The Martian.  Lily and I are in our preferred positions on the bed and we are primed for the Movie Event of the Evening.

Tomorrow I’m going to take my sanity in my hands and go to see Star Wars.  I was going to wait, but the chances of it being spoiled are getting too large, so.

And then.  AND Then.  I will be going to purchase a new personal toy.  Mine broke 3 weeks ago and it has now become sort of annoying.  I’m amazed it hasn’t bothered me sooner and more…There was a time when this would have been a minor crisis that would have been dealt with within 48 hours if not 24.   Depression – sometimes it works in your favor.  Or maybe I’m just getting older.

Finally, to clean up a good weekend, I’m going to purchase a bra.  Because sometimes you have to do shitty things.  And purchasing bras is one of them.  I’m amused that my boss is purchasing my bra though.  He gave me $50 gift certificate to Macys.  So the bra is on him!

*Giant is a relative term.  In my life this is SUPER busy.

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