Lily and I wrestle and Lily wins.

I’ve been trying to give Lily some Pepcid AC to help her with her nausea.  Lily does NOT wish to take the tiniest sliver of a pill.   Yesterday I won and she ate a quite decent amount.  I was very chuffed.

Today, Lily won.  She’s not a rude winner though.  She’s quite sportsmanlike.  She came over after I gave up and cuddled up next to me.  Although, to be honest, she does have a bit of a smug look to her.

I’m going to have buy a syringe to feed it to her.  I HATE the syringe.  I once had to force feed a cat for a week.  It is not a happy memory and although it saved the cat’s life, she did not appear the slightest bit grateful for the procedure.  I think we were both scarred by it.

I hate any of these sorts of things, where I am doing something the animal very much does not want to happen and is afraid of.  They do not understand why.  And that is what bothers me.  They can only experience it as terror without any reason.  They think I am suddenly being cruel.  I hate it.  It feels like I am torturing them because they don’t know its for their own good.

So.  anyway.  I need to go out and buy a syringe.  lily

4 thoughts on “Lily and I wrestle and Lily wins.

  1. Is it a pill? I use the pill plunger with good success. I have also learned to pill quickly without alarming the cat. The faster the better and you can’t be nervous. They pick that up and know something’s coming. The vet tech worked with me until I got it. I had to pill 4 cats 3 times a day for 10 days. Yep, it was close to the end of the world until I got it. There are pill pockets but I’ve had limited success. One cat learned how to eat the pocket and toss the pill and the other 2 weren’t interested at all. I blogged about my experience here
    Good luck to you and poor Lily!

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    1. I had a similar experience with the pill pocket!
      I know that my own anxiety about her anxiety is making the whole thing worst. Its a self feeding loop.
      I will try the syringe and see it works. Part of the problem is how tiny the sliver is.

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  2. I have to do that for my cats with their allergy meds (cat like owner much?) The look they give me makes me feel like crap, then they stay away from me until they forget about it. 😦

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