In which I Buy Noise on the Internet.

I live on a corner of a busy street.  A corner with a traffic light.  There is a bus stop at this corner.

Its noisy.

I don’t sleep well in the best circumstances but street noise is not helpful, so I tend to run the air conditioner fan even when its cool out.  But eventually that becomes impossible so I run fans.  But fans don’t produce sufficient white noise to cover the street sounds.

So tonight I’m going to try a white noise generator off the internet.   We live in a strange era, don’t we?

I’m buying noise to cover up noise.  I’m paying for noise.  Only 99 cents, but its the idea of it is odd.

But if I don’t buy this, I won’t sleep well and my day will go off the rails because my brain will start to act in wrong ways.

So.  I’m buying noise on the internet.

My life is weird.


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