The BURN is deep on this…

Donald Trump uses lawyers gratuitously to shut up his critics.  He sent one of his lawyers after Jeb Bush’s Leadership PAC.  This turned out to be a mistake….  The following is excerpts from a letter was sent back to Trump’s lawyer:

… In fact, RTR has made almost $300,000 in contributions since its creation in January 2015. Unlike your client, we only support conservative candidates.

It is possible you are confusing RTR with any number of federal independent expenditure-only committees (i.e. “Super PACs”) that have exercised their First Amendment rights to educate the public about your client’s public statements and stances on important public policy issues. We suggest you consult the Federal Election Commission’s (“FEC”) website ( to familiarize yourself about the differences between Leadership PACs and Super PACs,

Should your client actually be elected Commander-in-Chief, will you be the one writing the cease and desist letters to Vladimir Putin, or will that be handled by outside counsel? As a candidate for President, your client is a public figure and his campaign should, and will, befact-checked. The ability to criticize a candidate’s record, policies and matters of public importance lies at the heart of the First Amendment, as courts have repeatedly recognized. If you have the time between bankruptcy filings and editing reality show contracts, we urge you to flip through the Supreme Court’s decision in New York Times v. Sullivan. If your client is so thin-skinned that he cannot handle his critics’ presentation of his own public statements, policies and record to the voting public, and if such communications hurts his feelings, he is welcome to purchase airtime to defend his record. After all, a wall can be built around many things, but not around the First Amendment.

[emphasis is mine]

The beauty of this letter,  is it’s perfectly controlled intellectual condescension, which hits every note perfectly.  Bush is apparently smart enough to hire good people and has been raised to be what he is – a  career politician.

Trump – well neither of those things apply is the pleasantest way to put it.  And nothing could be more snidely implied in this letter.

Bush took his assets and jabbed them deeply between ribs of Trump’s fragile  ego.  I have to appreciate that.

I may never vote for him, but I find Bush far more tolerable as a potential leader than Trump or Cruz or nearly every other potential on the Republican board.   If for no other reason than a career politician understands the value of compromise.

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